DTNVS binocular at a monocular weight, but at what cost?

Actually you do not lose much, going from 40 degree FOV to 38 degrees is barely noticeable. This is a great exchange if what you get in exchange is a great price and the most lightweight binocular on the market.

You will not gain double the Field Of View if you go from monocular to binocular as you might hope actually, what you will get is a more natural feel when moving around and depth perception.

18mm DTNVS

  • Weight-510g
  • Tube- ECHO
  • DTNVS 
  • FOM- 1900+

PRICE: ~7700 € +VAT 

16mm DTNVS

  • Weight-379g
  • Tube- ECHO
  • DTNVS manual gain
  • FOM- 1900+

PRICE: ~5800 € +VAT 

If you are a on a budget but still want a device that is high quality and exceeds military standards, you have found what you are looking for. You will not find a lighter one- if you do please let us know!

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