The nightvision accessories to maximise your capability

1. Infrared capable durable flashlight:

Nightvision devices need ambient light to work, sometimes star and moonlight do the job but more often than not you need a little extra illumination to light up the shadows. Dark areas indoors like basements or closed off rooms without ambient light can quickly become problematic. Nightvision picks up infrared light that can’t be seen with the naked eye. There are various products that take advantage of that “unseen” light spectrum. You can illuminate your surroundings with an IR flashlight, and that light can only be seen by other nightvision users. It’s great for pointing out targets for friendlies and also for identifying them. Sometimes you can see a human silhouette but can not tell if one is holding a phone or a something dangerous. That’s why IR capable lights have become standard issue in various MIL/LE units around the world.

Our preference is: SureFire tactical light

The most durable and trustworthy IR-capable light on the market is trusted and fielded by most NATO SOF forces because it can withstand rough use and recoil. The following lights also have a standard white light. All you need to do is rotate the bezel, and the light will automatically switch from white light to infrared. Out of the package comes the light itself + batteries, and a picatinny/m-lok mount.  In conclusion, it truly is one of the few lights that you can trust in your life.

Check out the product pages for more technical data like output and runtime.

SureFire M640V

350 lumens of white light plus 120 mW of IR output
12,750 candela

SureFire M340V

250 lumens of white light plus 100 mW of IR output
9,300 candela
SureFire X300V Europe

SureFire X300V

350 lumens of white light plus 120 mW of IR output
11,500 candela

Pressure switch - make the light one with your platform

For quickly engaging and disengaging your light, we recommend pairing it with the ModLite pressure switch to get the most effective and sleek setup for your platform.
A thought-out placement of the on-off control allows you not to break your grip and quickly get the much-needed illumination when split seconds can be the difference between life and death.

The ability to manipulate your platform while controlling your light is crucial in quickly changing, stressful environments.

ModButton Lite

Low Profile Pressure Switch

SureFire DS00

Flashlight Switch Adapter

2. Infinity Iris

People familiar with nightvision know you must adjust your focus to see things clearly. You can either focus on the horizon, making things close to you appear blurry, or focus on the things close to you, making the stuff further away blurry. The Infinity iris solves that issue with an adjustable iris. With the turn of the Infinity Cap Turret, you can adjust from 23.5mm down to 1mm with a click-stop™ at 5.66mm, which puts you right at infinite focus, making everything clear. This crucial stopping point allows users to quickly shift their iris to infinity via tactile feedback, allowing users to easily identify what’s in front of them with complete clarity.

It also acts as a daycap and a super strong sacrificial lens. You can close the Iris all the way down to protect your NVD from sunlight. On top of the iris system is a durable polycarbonate lens that can withstand hits from airsoft BBs or simulation training rounds like FX or UTM.

PS. If the Infinity Iris gets too scratched, you can replace the glass for a fraction of the cost; you do not have to buy a whole new system.
Lens protector, Daycap, and Iris system in one high-quality small package – The Infinity Iris

Infinity Iris FDE

Compatible with DTNVS / THE-14 / PVS-14

Infinity Iris Black

Compatible with DTNVS / THE-14 / PVS-14

Magic behind the Infinity Iris

If you want to learn more about how the Infinity Iris works in different environments, then we recommend checking the detailed YouTube video we made about it!

3. Lanyard for your Nightvison device

This one doesn’t need a lot of explaining. Nightvision is expensive, protect it from drops and attach it to your helmet. The Retractor S Lanyard attaches to your helmet with a hook instead of velcro, ensuring that there is no way that you can lose or damage your device during activities like rappelling, skydiving, or intense movements. Of course there’s always the option to secure your nightvision by tying it to your helmet using cordage. The advantage of the retractor is the ability to quickly disconnect it using the secure hook and the fact that it retracts, which means that you can disconnect your device from your mount and hold it in your hands or let your teammate without nightvision look through your device, while it’s still secured to your helmet.
While this can sound funny, it has been useful in various scenarios, such as when you can’t really make out what you’re seeing and want your teammates’ opinions on it.

Nightvision Lanyard

Retractor Lanyard

Compatible with DTNVS / THE-14 / PVS-14

4. Mounting systems: Run your equipment with confidence.

The helmet mount can make or break your nightvision experience. A low-quality mount will ruin your night by wobbling, not being properly secured, and not having intuitive controls and adjustments.

Cadex and Wilcox mounts are the most popular go-to mounts in the nightvision world. You can adjust the distance from your eyes, tilt angle, and position in the X and Y axis. 

This means that if you have a thicker ballistic helmet, you can still get your NVD to align perfectly with your eyes. The difference in which one to pick comes down to personal preference. The main difference is that the Wilcox is “lock in place” – you must push a button to flip your device up or down. The Cadex is “force to overcome” when flipping up and a button to flip down. The advantage of the Cadex is that you can quickly flip up for nods without searching for the button. The downside is that if you’re rappelling headfirst or skydiving, then the Cadex might not stay in place. Whichever one you decide to go with, you can count on them to serve you well for many long years as they are built to endure.

Cadex Dovetail Mount

Compatible with All Dovetail interfaces
Wilcox G24 Europe

Wilcox Dovetail Mount

Compatible with All Dovetail interfaces

5. Tactical Helmet: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

First things first – protecting your head is priority number one. Priority number two is a stable comfortable platform that holds your device. The shell of the helmet is one thing, the insides i.e. the padding and retention system are the things that truly transform your experience from an uncomfortable to a comfortable one. You do not want to take off a good helmet; it is one with you and doesn’t restrict you in any way. A bad helmet makes your head hurt and slides around, causing annoyance, and eventually, you take it off and switch it for a hat.

The TeamWendy bump helmet is manufactured to the highest standards using the most high-quality materials available, resulting in impressive structural strength while being very lightweight at the same time. It also has a carefully thought-out retention system. You put it on, turn a knob, and the helmet gets sized perfectly to your head shape. With some retention systems, you will only feel pressure at the back of your head when tightening them. TeamWendy utilizes the Boa® Closure System, known as the best helmet retention system in the world. When you turn the knob, you can feel the whole helmet becoming tight over your head, resulting in no uncomfortable pressure points.

The helmet’s shroud is compatible with both the Wilcox and Cadex mounts, and it has Velcro in all the right places, giving you the option to run helmet covers, battery packs, and counterweights.

Tactical Helmet Europe

Team Wendy Helmet

Compatible with Wilcox & Cadex Mounts

6. Helmet Strobes - Illuminate rooms quickly, mark friendlies, signal to aerial platforms

A strobe light is a valuable thing to have on your helmet, quickly marking your position while maneuvering can be crucial for shifting the fire of friendlies. It’s also a widely used safety feature of night time range shoots. Entered a room that is too dark for your eyes and nightvision? Turn on your helmet strobe to illuminate the whole room while maintaining both hands in the game. Friendly air assets in the area? Search and Rescue mission looking for you? Mark your position with a helmet light. Helmet strobes are available in both the infrared and visible light spectrum.

S&S Manta Strobe Europe

S&S Manta Strobe

Attaches To All Velcro Surfaces

7. Protective Eyewear: Shield Your Eyes and Stay fog free.

Ballistic eyewear is worth paying the premium for. What’s the most common issue with eye-pro? It fogs up or breaks, making your nightvision unusable. We struggled with this aspect for a long time before we discovered Gatorz. Gatorz uses titanium frames, you can step on these goggles and they will not break. The main upside is that you can bend them to your face shape and they will stay in place. The lenses are coated with the best long-lasting anti-fog coating straight out of the package. The coating does not degrade over time; you can purposefully try to breathe on the lenses; the fog is there for a second and instantly goes away. On the Blastshield model, there is a small gap between the frame of the glasses and the lenses, resulting in optimal airflow while maintaining the complete seal needed for serious use.

Gatorz Europe

Gatorz Blastshield

Used By SOF Units Worldwide

8. Optic / Sight Raisers - quick target acquisition while maintaining a stable position

While using nightvision it’s highly recommended to use sight risers. You do not want to bend your neck downwards while wearing nightvision to aim through the sights. It’s optimal to bring your red-dot a bit higher so you could maintain a pressure free shooting position with no strain on your neck. Long story short – risers make aiming down the sights much more comfortable and hassle free. Raise the platforms, stock in your shoulder pocket, you do not have to start looking around searching for your dot. It’s right in front of your eyes from the first second.

FST Picatinny Riser

Unity FAST Optic Riser

Recommended for EoTech Sights


In conclusion, equipping yourself with the right night vision accessories can significantly enhance your tactical advantage in low-light conditions. The infrared-capable durable flashlight, like the SureFire tactical light, ensures reliable illumination that’s invisible to the naked eye but essential for night vision users. Paired with a pressure switch, it offers seamless control without compromising your grip. The Infinity Iris optimizes focus across various distances, enhancing clarity and protecting your night vision device. Securing your device with a Retractor S Lanyard prevents drops, while quality mounting systems like Cadex and Wilcox mounts ensure stability. A well-fitted tactical helmet, such as the TeamWendy bump helmet, provides essential protection and comfort, and helmet strobes offer crucial visibility in critical situations. Finally, high-quality protective eyewear and sight raisers maintain functionality and comfort, ensuring you’re always ready for action. These accessories are indispensable for anyone looking to maximize the effectiveness and durability of their night vision setup..

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