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New Products

ACT PVS-14 ECHO White Phoshpor Autogated

Photonis Autogated ECHO White Phosphor night-vision device with manual gain. J-arm and sac lens included. FOM between 1600 and 2000.

GT-14 Gen 2+ Photonis Commercial WP

Photonis Commercial White Phosphor night-vision device. FOM between 1400 and 1600.


Infiray Jerry C5 Clip-On-Thermal Imager

640×512, 12um VOx, 11.52mm lens supports CR123 & 18650 battery.

Infiray E6 Pro Thermal Monocular V2.0

Thermal Imager 640×512 50hz, internal battery, WiFi, internal recording, 3x optical zoom.

InfiRay MH-25 Thermal Imager

InfiRay MH-25 Thermal Imager with 640×512 50hz thermal sensor. Supports CR123 and 16650 battery. Weighs only 245g. Helmet mountable.


Hot Button – Picatinny Rail Mount

  • Laser / Insight plug
  • Black and FDE
  • Picatinny Rail Mount

Hot Button – MLOK

  • Laser / Insight plug
  • Black and FDE
  • MLOK

TAPS (Standard)

  • Insight and Surefire plugs
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