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Falconclaw FTS Adapter (PFN640+)

  • For Attaching an PFN640+ To The Wilcox Flip To Side Mount / Bridge Mounts
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Wilcox Flip To Side Mount (Trijicon / Skeet IR / PFN640+)

  • Flip To Side Mount Compatible With Falconclaw FTS PFN640+ Adapter
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ACT LWT DTNVS 4G White Phosphor

ACT DTNVS Photonis 4G White Phosphor, Autogated, Ultralight RPO Optics.

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FAST Micro (Black)

  • Provides quicker sight picture than standard height mounts.
  • Easier reticle acquisition while wearing communications headsets, night vision goggles and gas masks
  • Made For Aimpoint / Holosun style sights.
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Cyalume LightShape Circle Marker (8cm) 4H – 10 pack

  • Made in France
  • Nontoxic, nonflammable, and waterproof
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IRay Jerry-C Lens Protector

Sacrificial cover for Iray PFN640+ / PFN384+

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In Stock
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16mm tube DTNVS

DTNVS binocular at a monocular weight, but at what cost? Actually you do not lose much, going from 40 degree FOV to 38 degrees is barely noticeable. This is a great exchange if what you Read more…

ACT MUM-14 comparison

Housing PVS-14 Weight Battery Gain Mounting ~350g AA Manual Standard J-Arm THE-14 Weight Battery Gain Mounting ~255g AA Manual Standard J-Arm MUM-14 Weight Battery Gain Mounting ~260g AA and CR123 Non-adjustable Minirail Included with MUM-14 Read more…

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