PVS-14 GEN3 White Phosphor AG MG

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Housing and optics by Carson. Elbit Systems Autogated USA Gen3 White Phosphor night-vision device with manual gain. Free Shipping.


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Since the difference between units can be pretty big (both FOM and the existence of black spots), we have decided to make public units specification and picture of the tube (to see black spots). Price depends on the quality of the tube. Please be aware that not all spots are visible on those pictures and in real life the spots appear to be bigger than on this picture. Spots score is our own metric to compare visibility of spots between tubes.


Price3300€ + VAT
Included accessories
  • Hardcase
  • Standard J-Arm (Bayonet)
  • Sacrificial lens
  • Demist shield
  • Operator Manual
  • Rubber eye-cup
  • Objective lens cap
  • Dust Cap
  • PVS-14 Tube Retainer

Carson industries Night Vision Monocular provides the user with an integrated set of components fitted with the customer specified Image Intensifier Tubes.

Noctis Technologies’ rugged yet lightweight AN/PVS-14 can be hand held, helmet mounted, or head-strap mounted. Key features include an automatic highlight cutoff, an infrared illuminator, an IR-On indicator, and low voltage indicator. A broad range of user requirements can be achieved by combining Noctis Technologies’ variety of available accessories with the standard kit components.

All components and accessories are manufactured, assembled, and tested in accordance with all applicable US Military specifications

Image Intensifier Tube

Elbit Systems GEN3 WP F9415XLSH max FOM 1600.

Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT)Elbit Systems GEN3 White Phosphor
MaterialHigh Strength Resin
Spectral ResponseVisible to 0.90 µm
(IR)Field of View40° nominal
Focus Range25 cm to infinity
Diopter Adjustment+2 to –6 diopters
Infrared illuminatoryes
StandardsExceeding MIL-STD-810G
True field of view40°
Battery Type1x AA
Battery Life40 Hours at Room Temperature
Dimensions4.5 in x 2.0 in x 2.2 in (11.4 cm x 5.1 cm x 5.7 cm)
Weight355 g
Warranty1 year

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Weight 1.479 kg
Carson Gen3 1600fom



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