Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG)

16 500.00

Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG) 2000+ FOM

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Argus Panoramic Nightvision
This item: Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggle (APNVG)
16 500.00
16 500.00
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APNVG 0020424
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SN: 0020424

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FOM 2072
Gain 10500
Resolution 68
EBI 0,13
SN 30,48

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16 500€ + VAT

The Argus Panoramic Nightvision Goggle (APNVG) is a panoramic goggle system that increases a user’s field of view from a typical 40 degree monocular or binocular system up to 100 degrees. The APNVG uses four image intensifier tubes in order to provide the increased field of view without decreasing system resolution or compromising collimation.

As the two center tubes are parallel and point forward, the center tubes will provide depth perception and increased perceived resoution and acuity through by providing stereoscopic vision. The outboard pointing tubes on each side will provide additional peripheral vision to the side that they are on, thus the user will perceive three circular fields of view.


  • 100 Degree Field of View for increased user awareness
  • High resolution lens system
  • Fully collimating lens system
  • Waterproof – 2 meters for 30 minutes
  • Warranted for 1 year against manufacturing defects – physical damage and improper assembly/disassembly are not covered

What does it look like looking trough Panoramic Nightvision?

4G 2500 FOM DTNVS or 2000 FOM NNVT Panos similar price, which ones do i pick?!

4G DTNVS or 2000 FOM NNVT Panos for the same price, which one do I choose?
When comparing these two options, the main consideration in our opinion would be: What is going to be your main use for them? The only thing the quad tubes will give you is a wider field of view and there are some situations where this is a game changer.
What are the situations where panos will give you the edge?

CQB – One use where panoramic view will make a massive difference is in urban situations. You need to have your head on a swivel, checking corners looking for threats etc. When wearing panos you will notice how they increase your situational awareness, you can be faster clearing spaces and you will have a much better overview of the whole situations with much less head movement. If your main use for night vision devices would be CQB and you are looking for an upgrade – they are for you.

Driving (Car, ATV, dirt bike)- Yes you CAN drive with a monocular, compared to panos it is literally night and day difference. The confidence and feeling this capability gives you enables you do drive/ride safer and faster.

Argus Panoramic Night Vision Goggles

Image Intensifier Tubes (IIT)NNVT 2000+ FOM
FeaturesFlip-Up On-Off
Waterproof: 2m for 30 minutes
Adjustable pupillary distance
Battery Life100 h
True field of view100°
Close focus limit0.25 m to ∞
Power Supply4x AA Batteries (Battery Pack)
Dimensions220 x 100 x 90 mm
Weight1100 g ( Device + Battery Pack )
Included accessories
  • Panoramic night vision google (APNVG)
  • Plastic Carry Case
  • 4x filtered objective lens caps
  • Argus USBP (Universal  Strobe Battery Pack) & Cable
  • Argus A4 Light Weight Night Vision Mount
  • Travel Case
  • Tube Spec Sheets
  • Velcro sticker for battery pack

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