We appreciate quality products, especially when it provide multiple functions and even better if it makes you look cool.

Infinity Iris designed the Infinity Cap which ticks all the boxes for Falconclaw in terms of what we would want from a product like this.

  • It works as a focal adjustment iris with 23.5mm all the way down to 1mm with a click-stop at 5.66mm which puts you right at infinite focus
  • At 1mm it will work as a day cap protecting your precious tubes in daylight
  • Has replaceable polycarbonate lens that you can switch very easily by yourself
  • It works as a FoF sacrificial lens keeping your objective lens safe
  • Will fit securely on any PVS14 objective lenses and also several more NVDs

Housing is made of anodized 6061 T6 Aluminum making it durable and the build quality is exceptional. 

If you have been living under a rock I will try to explain the main function of an iris on your NVD.

Simply put without an adjustable iris like this you would need to manually adjust the focus to see objects clearly, either up close far away. When you are focused on a close object, you will see things that are within this specific focal plane clearly and everything else becomes blurry and same goes with focus set to a distance.

Setting the iris at 5.66mm enables you to have “infinite focus”(hence the name) where you have virtually everything clear and in focus. Although using it will reduce the amount of light that enters your tube and will impact the performance in very low light. This can definitely help many NV users, especially in urban environments where distances can vary greatly and without warning.

Here is a video demonstration and overview of the iris.

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