New thermal has arrived to take the place as the best helmet mounted

What is different and new about the Jerry-YM 2.0?

They look and feel identical, however the it does have some upgrades.

Here is an overview.


Electonic zoom1 – 4x
Recoil proofNo
Mounting optionsHandheld, helmet
Color palette options
  • White hot
  • Black hot
  • Color

Jerry-YM 2.0

Electonic zoom1 – 6x
Recoil proof556 and 223
Mounting optionsHandheld, helmet, clip-on
Color palette options
  • White hot
  • Black hot
  • Color
  • Red hot with variable red value
  • Green hot
  • Red outline
  • Green outline
  • White ouline

Additional upgrades with the Jerry-YM 2.0

  • Clip-On mode

  • Collimation for bridging or Clip-on use

  • Included Picatinny mount (same height as a regular aimpoint / holosun)

  • Enhanced image processing resulting in a crisper image

Check out all the color palette options

Video comparison with PFN640+

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