Jerry FB

11 500.00

Jerry FB Fusion binoculars night-vision device. Manual Gain. Photonis Echo+ 2100 FOM Free Shipping.

11 500.00
Jerry FB Echo+
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Jerry FB with Photonis Echo+ tubes.

The Jerry FB (Fusion Binocular) is a binocular night vision device combining the best features of both worlds in one device using analog residual light amplifiers and a digital thermal imaging sensor. It is equipped with a new generation of night vision fusion technology, in which the nightvision and thermal combined to enable the user to detect targets more effectively and distinguish threats more quickly.


FOM 2182 2189
Gain 9761 9691
Resolution 67 68
EBI 0,12 0,14
SN 32,57 32,19
Price 11 500 + VAT


Jerry FB used at an FX exercise

  • Dual-spectrum image fusion and object highlight
  • Detail enhancement and target recognition
  • Selection of thermal view, night vision, or both them combined with multiple fusion modes switchable
  • 12 μm, 640×512 high-sensitivity thermal detector
  • Digital zoom in thermal mode
  • Azimuth and Pitch/Inclination Indication
  • Built-in compass with calibration
  • Brightness and contrast image adjustment
  • Extra large exit pupil diameter (15mm)
  • Low power consumption. 
  • Up to 8 hours continuous running in fusion mode 
  • More then 60 hours operation in night vision mode
  • Waterproof
Thermal Detector12um
Thermal Wavelength8um to 14um
Thermal FOV40° (night vision), 25,9° x 20,9° (thermal mode)
Digital Zoom (thermal overlay)1-8x
Detection Range1500m
Colour PalettesWhite hot, Black hot, Red Hot, Outline, Highlight
Diopter-3.5 to +2.5
Eye Relief25mm
IR illuminatorOnboard
Dimensions107 x 115 x 85
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Jerry FB





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