PVS-14 ECHO White Phoshpor AG MG

3 480

Housing and optics by Carson. Photonis Autogated ECHO White Phosphor night-vision device with manual gain. FOM between 1600 and 2000.

3 480
Unit FC201, FOM 1610
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Price2900€ +VAT


ECHO WP WZ0973C has changed its FOM range from 1500-1800 to 1600-2000. Meaning our customers will get a better unit for the same price. This unit is AUTOGATED.

Since the difference between units can be pretty big (both FOM and the existence of black spots), we have decided to make public units specification and picture of the tube (to see black spots). Price depends on the quality of the tube. Please be aware that not all spots are visible on those pictures and in real life the spots appear to be bigger than on this picture. Spots score is our own metric to compare visibility of spots between tubes.

The PVS-14 is a manual gain version. The rugged design is combat proven and extremely durable. Its built for combat. Photonis ECHO tube. Housing and optics by Carson. 1-year warranty.

Included accessories


Sacrificial lens


Special prices for accessories after adding FC PVS-14 to your cart:

Cadex mounts

-20% [check products]

Dovetail J-arm

225€ 185€ [Add to cart]

Holosun lasers

-5% [check products]

Wendy products

-5% [check products]

* Upgrading to Cadex Dovetail low-profile mount and Mod-Armory J-arm or to dovetail j-arm removes standard j-arm from package. 



Additional information

Falconclaw ECHO WP

FC201, FOM 1610, FC217, FOM 1928, FC218, FOM 1758


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