Falconclaw RNVG Dovetail Extension



  • Compatible only with RNVG
  • Mounting screws included

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Do you want the RNVG closer to your eyes? Now it’s possible.

Introducing Falconclaw’s RNVG Extension. Designed and manufactured in Estonia

What is the purpose of this product?

Are you a RNVG user who’s always wanted your device to be closer to your eyes while wearing a ballistic helmet? Your feedback matters, and we’ve listened. We’ve designed the perfect solution that brings your RNVG experience to a whole new level.

Our innovative dovetail extension offers subtle yet significant changes. We understand the importance of maintaining the center of gravity and avoiding any discomfort. With our extension, your RNVG stays perfectly balanced, preventing any major shifts in balance, or user comfort

The secret lies in the meticulously crafted dovetail extension, which seamlessly positions your device 1cm lower and 1cm closer to your eyes. This adjustment might seem small, but its impact on your comfort and field of view is noticeable.

But that’s not all – we’ve also tackled the issue of wasted space when mounting your RNVG onto a Wilcox G24 mount. Our extension effectively bridges the gap, both vertically and horizontally, by reducing the distance by 1cm. This enhancement ensures that you’re no longer held back by an awkward gap between your device and eye protection giving you the full potential of your device.

Installation Instructions:

Remove the 4 screws holding the dovetail in place on your device in order to detach the dovetail. It is advisable to use the same screws to attach the dovetail extension to the device and use the provided screws to attach the dovetail on the extension. We recommend using Threadlocker.

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