GunButter Pen Oiler (7.3ml)


  • Your Gucci Rifle/Pistol Deserves Gucci Oil

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What is GunButter?

We met the GunButter crew at Shot Show 2024, their entire team consists of awesome dudes who make an awesome product, they gave us some testers to try their stuff out, And well the product speaks for itself, once you go GunButter you never go back…

Gun Butter is an exotic blend of the finest synthetic lubricants available anywhere in the world. Gun Butter’s creation was inspired by shooters who desired consistent function in their shotgun, rifle, and pistol competitions during extreme shooting conditions. Gun Butter was created by an aerospace design team using a Continuous Quality Improvement Process to specifically engineer a complete lubricant for guns.

To put it simply it’s an firearms lubricant that dosen’t take in dust/dirt/sand – does not freeze and stays where you put it.

Hands down it’s the best firearms lubricant we have ever used.

Shake well before use

  • Fine Needle Applicator
  • Non-Toxic
  • Full Synthetic
  • Safe on all finishes
  • Break in protection and durability
  • Medium viscosity (Lubricant maintains its placement) Critical feature for concealed carry 
  • Enhanced lubricity to allow superior performance in all weather extremes
  • Heat – Up to 204 degree Celsius
  • Cold – Down to -56 degree Celsius

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Gun Butter