Falconclaw – PFN640+ Dovetail adapter



  • Works only with PFN640+ or RH25
  • Compatible with bridges that accept dovetails
  • Screws / Tools included

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You have a D-14 Bridge, and you want the simplicity of removing your PFN640+ from your bridge?

Introducing Falconclaw’s PFN640+ Quick Detach arm. Designed and manufactured in Estonia

What is the purpose of this product?

This product gives you the full potential, and modularity of your D-14 bridge manufactured by Mod Armory, you have the option to run a monocular + thermal and switch it out for a monocular + monocular set-up within seconds, or even a thermal + thermal set-up for you hog hunters, giving you the full flexibility and modularity of your observation devices.

Installation Instructions:

Place the flat-head screws in the holes with circles, and then pick which position you want your PFN640+ to be at, (further from the eye or closer) by selecting which hole the dovetail is placed.

Screw the dovetail in from the bottom, and then start tightening both of the flat heads little by little. 

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