Falconclaw MLB – Modular Lightweight Bridge


Tailored for PVS-14/THE14 and Jerry-YM/PFN, our mount prioritizes device-specific precision, ensuring minimalism, lightweight design, and cost-effectiveness.

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DISCLAIMER: This product only includes the 2 J-arms for a dual NVD mounting option, in order to bridge a monocular + thermal an additional part must be bought separately

Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)

We believe that the most effective and straightforward way to mount your Night Vision Device (NVD) and thermal device if you are have a PVS-14/THE14 and Jerry-YM/PFN, is with our purpose-built FC-MLB (FalconClaw-Modular Lightweight Bridge).

Dual THE-14

Dual THE-14 Bridge

Dual PVS-14

Why dual mount NVD and thermal?

Having both thermal and NVD on your head provides rapid access to the advantages of each:


  • Short to mid-range identification
  • Detail Clarity
  • Navigation
  • Passive and active aiming
  • Tactical maneuvers
  • Driving


  • Long-range scanning/detection
  • Usable in no-light conditions
  • Virtually impossible to hide heat signatures
  • Effective in adverse weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, sandstorms)
  • Visibility through smoke

THE-14 + PFN640

THE-14 + J-YM

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