Falconclaw DaBridge™


Falconclaw Direct Action Bridge – The first panning bridge mount on the market that has locked positions and is made out of metal

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About the bridge

When we initiated this project, the market only had 3D printed bridge setups available, which were priced at 500-600 euros and constructed from plastic. Our goal was to create a more cost-effective and durable solution, offering improved robustness compared to existing options.

Our panning bridge features a durable construction using AW-6082 lightweight aluminum alloy, precision CNC Billet manufacturing with Type II anodization. This robust material is designed to withstand tough conditions in the field, while maintaining its lightweight profile at just 106 grams.

Developed and manufactured in Estonia.


The bridge offers two locked positions: the familiar “dual-tube” setup like the DTNVS, and the DaBridge™ position that expands the field of view from 40° to 70°.

Utilizing these positions enhances situational awareness by 70%, making night vision driving significantly easier and providing critical information to operators in tight spaces, potentially making a life-or-death difference in close-quarter combat scenarios.


    DaBridge™ system is designed to seamlessly integrate with a dual PVS-14 setup, as well as Mod-Armory D-14 arms and minirail options, allowing for versatility and compatibility with various configurations.