Bikini Cover for PVS14 Optics


Bikini cover for all NV systems using PVS14 Optics

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Bikini cover for all NV systems using PVS14 Optics

To protect both lenses of a NV device while its not at use. Attached to the device with strong rubber bands (included), easy to uncover the lenses on field.

For those that constantly lose their daycaps or are tierd of putting them in their pockets.

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From 2013 ACTinBlack (ACT) was founded out of the drive to develop better, lighter and more user focused night vision systems – together with users from across the globe. The introduction of the DTNVG in 2016 created a (now) classic night vision binocular that proved itself in the harshest environments. To add to its legacy the introduction of the successor, the DTNVS, in 2020 created a milestone to ACT’s product line with a product that found immediate success by military and law enforcement user across the world. See more at