InfiRay MH-25 Thermal Imager


InfiRay MH-25 Thermal Imager with 640×512 50hz thermal sensor. Supports CR123 and 16650 battery. Weighs only 245g. Helmet mountable.

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Xmini is a multifunction thermal imager with built-in VOx uncooled infrared focal plane array detector. Xmini has small size, light weight, high performance, various purpose and many other strengths. Moreover, a variety of sensors are equipped and it not only can be used as Monocular hand-held thermal imager but also can be used as wearable device when installed on the helmet. Xmini can be widely used in investigation, security, search and rescue, outdoor sports and other application fields. 

Thermal Sensor Resolution: 640 x 512

System functions:

  • Image calibration:Background calibration/Shutter calibratiom
  • Image mode:Black hot/White hot/Red hot/Pseudo Color
  • Image electronic magnification: ×1.0 ~ ×4.0
  • Image brightness/sharpness/contrast adjustment
  • Motion sensor adjusts the forward image
  • Electronic compass
  • Dip measurement
  • Probability rangefinder
  • Picture in picture
  • Bluetooth remote controller
  • Automatic standby
  • Supply power and transmitting data through Type-C interface
  • Output analog video in PAL format
IMPORTANT: This product cannot be used as thermal sight. It’s not certified to be mounted on a firearm and does not withstand the recoil. Hand-held or helmet-mountable only.


Resolution 640×512
Pixel size 12μm
Frame Rate 50hz
Objective lens 25mm
Field of view 17.5°×14°
Digital zoom 1.0~8.0×
IP Raiting IP67
Power Supply CR123 or 16360 (up to 1.5 hours) or 16650 (up to 3 hours)
Dimensions 128 x 70 x 45mm
Weight 245 g
Warranty 24 months
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