Jerry C5 / CE5 Protector


All-round protection for your PVS-14 with Infiray C5 thermal attachment from the Jerry C-Series

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The very flexible and impact-resistant protection cover protects your Jerry housing, the switch and the sensor over the lens of your device from the most likely and threatening direction. A protection grid ensures that the sensitive germanium lens of your Jerry is protected from foreign bodies as good as possible.

This set consists of:
-1 protection lens for the eyepiece (where you look in)
-1 protection lens holder for the eyepiece (where you look in)
-1 protection lens for the lens (where your opponent looks in too late)
-1 Jerry protection with protection grid, that also holds the protection lens of your PVS-14  

The PVS-14 protection lenses are made of polycarbonate with a scratch-resistant coating. Unlike sacrificial lenses, they can withstand multiple hits. Depending on use, handling and care, the protective lenses only have to be replaced after years and can be done very inexpensively.

The Jerry protection grid can be swapped out or replaced with a germanium lens. The housing also offers the possibility of a combination of protection grid and germanium lens.