Infiray E6 Pro Thermal Monocular V2.0


Thermal Imager 640×512 50hz, internal battery, WiFi, internal recording, 3x optical zoom.

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Xmini is a multifunction thermal imager with built-in VOx uncooled infrared focal plane array detector. Xmini has small size, light weight, high performance, various purpose and many other strengths. Moreover, a variety of sensors are equipped and it not only can be used as Monocular hand-held thermal imager but also can be used as wearable device when installed on the helmet. Xmini can be widely used in investigation, security, search and rescue, outdoor sports and other application fields. Thermal Sensor Resolution: 640 x 512 System functions:
  • Standby Function – When it is necessary to temporarily stop observation the user can apply standby function. It provides the necessary level of camouflage (no light from the eyepiece of the device) between observation sessions as well as the fast restart of observation (when display is turned off, all other systems are working; for normal operation it is enough just to power on the display again).
  • High Image Frequency – And the 50Hz refresh rate guarantees you to capture every moment that you are interested.
  • PIP Functions – Picture-in-Picture improves accuracy by providing a 2x magnified image of the reticle area at the top of the display. It helps to zoom in on a target while retaining the rest of the field of view visible.
  • Built-in Video Recorder and WiFi Connection – The monocular has 16 GB build-in memory to store the captured still images and video recording and WiFi module which allows 4 connections simultaneously.
IMPORTANT: This product cannot be used as thermal sight. It’s not certified to be mounted on a firearm and does not withstand the recoil. Hand-held or helmet-mountable only.
5 Color Palettes
Hot target Tracking


Resolution 640×512
Pixel size 12μm
Frame Rate 50hz
Objective lens 50mm
Field of view 8.8°×7.0°
Optical magnification 3.0~12.0× (including digital zoom 2/4x)
IP Raiting IP67
Internal memory 16GB
Power Supply Internal battery
Dimensions 202 x 65 x 63mm
Weight ~500 g
Warranty 24 months