GT-14 Gen 2+ Photonis Commercial WP

2,750.00 2,450.00

Photonis Commercial White Phosphor night-vision device. FOM between 1400 and 1600.

2,750.00 2,450.00
GT-14Tube SN 9042689, FOM 1581, 2750€
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SN 9042689

Spots score* 9/10
FOM 1581
Resolution 70
SN 22,59
Gain 5132
EBI 0,14
Price 2750€

All pictures were taken at different conditions. E.g. 5351577 has a full moon and 6351138 has a paritial moon. Purpose of picture is to show overall quality of the specific tube (black spots mainly).

Included accessories

Hard Case



Sacrificial lens

Lens Tissue

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SN 9042689, FOM 1581, 2750€


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