Butler Creek FOF Lens Protector – No Button



  • Compatible With PVS-14 / DTNVS / RNVG
  • Included Polycarbonate Protective Lens Withstands 5 Joules
  • Sold Per Unit

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This Product is Sold Per Unit

Introducing the FOF Lens Protector – Your Ultimate Companion for Responsible Tactical Training! 

3mm super strong polycarbonate lens integrated into a Butler Creek cover.

Are you an proud owner of a non-government-issued device? Do you have a genuine concern for the well-being of your valuable equipment? Whether you’re immersed in exhilarating Force On Force tactical training sessions using FX, Airsoft – regardless of whether your training grounds are the great outdoors, kill-houses, or your mom’s basement! – we understand your passion and are here to support you every step of the way.

The Lens protector inside the butler creek cover withstands 5 Joules – What does that mean?

  • it withstands 5.56 FX / Simmunition rounds.
  • It withstands 9mm FX / Simmunition rounds.
  • It withstands an 0.20-gram airsoft bb at 220 m/s.
  • Also, it protects your lenses from scratches made by branches and thick shrubbery, this goes out for the LRRP enjoyers.

Should I Make A Hole In My Cap?

Let’s begin by addressing the reason why – If the ambient lighting is excessively bright, causing your device’s autogain to automatically lower the brightness, simply flip on the cover. Modifying the cover with a strategically placed hole, will effectively expand the focus range without compromising performance. 

FYI: Turned off tubes can get damaged during day-time when the lens is not fully covered.

If you wish to make a hole, here are some recommendations:

A .223-.250″ hole is ideal for general-purpose work, It will re-focus down to 2-3 ft. (just use a 5.56 round to punch a hole through the cap)

If you want better than that, for reading maps and so forth, you need to go down further, to .125″ (0.3 cm) or below.    

For day use, I’d use nothing larger than a pinhole, like .015″ max. (0.04cm

PVS-14 FOF Cover

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