Do’s and Don’ts whith NVD

Don’t turn your device on during daylight. Without a pinhole cap (rubber protection cap with a small pinhole), turning on your night vision device during daytime is going to significantly decrease the lifetime of your image intensifier tube installed in your device. When exposed to direct sunlight, permanent damage can occur. Note that this only applies when your device is turned on. When its turned off, you can let your device sit in direct sunlight exposure without the objective cap for as long as you want to, noting is going to happen.

Aviod direct exposure to bright light, such as car lights, lasers, explosions, fires – if you see bright light during the nighttime simply turn your device other way.

Don’t open your device. It’s filled with nitrogen gas to prevent corrosion and internal fogging on the lenses. It preserves the electronics by preventing oxidation. The military usually refills its devices every 6 months with nitrogen, that is not really needed for civilian users.

Your can use your NVD when it’s raining. NVD is waterproof and you can use it in the rain. Not suitable for swimming, though!

Keep your NVD lenses clean. Please use special coth or Q-tip doing so. T-shirt or any rough cloth is going to scratch and damage the anti-reflective coating on your lenses.

How to store NVD? Light-condition does not matter as long as device is turned off.
Very important is to store NVD without a battery installed. Old betteries leak! If the device is left on and exposed to light, the image is going to get burned in to your tube and permanently damage it.

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