Our Customer Thoughts on NVD + Thermal Combo

We asked one of our customers to share his first hand experience with different nightvision setups he has tried over the years. And  here it is!  I’ve been asked about my night game setup quite a bit lately, so I thought I’d break it down to answer some of the most frequently asked stuff. Also, this is a nice chance for me to sum up my experiences with the various NV devices & configurations I’ve Read more…

ECHO vs Gen3

How big is the difference between ECHO and Gen3? Before you continue … If you haven’t read our Monocular Night-vision Buying Guide, then please do so before continuing. All of us night-vision-fans, have read multiple comments about Gen2 vs Gen3. There is a lot of opinions that are controversial. Let me share you a secret – Difference between low-end and high-end Gen2 unit is much larger than difference between high-end Gen2 and high-end Gen3. Let Read more…

Monocular Night-vision Buying Guide

When you are looking for MNVD (Monocular Night Vision Device), then most probably you have a lot of unanswered questions like: How does Gen2+ compare to Gen3? Should I buy Gen3 instead of Gen2? How about Gen1? Can you have cheap and good night vision device? There are so many different Gen2+ devices – how to compare one against other? What accessories to consider? Let’s try to answer those questions…. Why you should not consider Read more…


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